Call for knitpicks Palette

Hi all!

I've been having trouble getting some colors of knitpicks palette for a christmas sweater I am knitting. I am in desperate need of 3 balls of Ivy and Doe, but they keep pushing the available date out and now it's long past christmas.

I've been seriously considering ordering 3 samplers, but I don't really want to spend $100 just for three balls of one colorway, and I don't even know if they will include it since they're out of stock.

Does anyone have these colors in their stash? I would be willing to pay for them or swap from my own stash. I have a few other colors of palette and a variety of yarns. Thanks!
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Anyone in Queens?

I just realized I've never posted here...

I run a craft group, open to knitting, crochet & all sorts of crafty things called the Steinway Astoria C(rafters, Crocheters &) Knitters. 

We’re a friendly bunch who do a wide variety of crafts, including knitting, crocheting, spinning, quilting, and needle pointing. We’re open to a wide range of experience. We have some very experienced members and some members who have just picked up their crafts. We’re relatively new and would love to have you come join us some Wednesday night or for one of our events! 

Schedule for November/December


November 5, 7pm
November 19, 7pm
December 3, 7pm
December 17, 7pm

All meetings are at the Astoria Diner. Astoria Diner has an outdoor patio for warm weather and is a greasy spoon with good food. :-) It’s located at 32-50 Steinway, between Broadway and 34th Ave near the Steinway stop of the R/G/V. The phone for the diner is 718-204-7499.

Please email (at) gmail (dot) com to join our mailing list!  Please join us some Wednesday evening.


Anyone want free yarn?

Hey guys, someone I know just gave me a crapton of free yarn when she was clearing out her place. It's quality stuff but didn't suit her tastes anymore. Not all of it suits mine, either, so I thought I'd throw a feeler out there to see if anyone would be interested in free yarn.

I'll be posting to newyorkers too, I think, but you guys get first pick. :-)

A lot of it's bulky yarn. A lot of it is also mohair (which I don't do, but I know some others like).

This is most of what's available but I might have missed some here and there, I'll edit if I find more:

Reynolds Lopi, 4 skeins (400g), Color 0307, which is a Pepto-ish pink. Feels like Lopi :-) Ballband says 3.5 st/1”.

3 full skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon, which is the neonest, brightest, omg PINK pink I think I have ever seen. Seriously, people, I love pink, but I'm not sure even I could pull this off. :-) That said, BSCF is a fantastic yarn (I'm making a hat out of it right now) -- Di, Kristen, perhaps one of your little girls might like something from this?

One skein of Katia Ingenua, which is good-quality mohair that's the same OMG PINK as the Cherry Moon Cotton Fleece (colour 77900). 140m.
Claimed by diwriter.

6 skeins of Rowan R2 Fuzzi Felt. 5 are dark yellow (kind of, um, chickpea coloured) and one is black.

Full bag (10 skeins) of Berroco Mohair Classic Heather, which is apparently a mohair/wool/nylon blend. Colour 9541, which is a pleasant leaf/forest green. 93 yds per 50g skein, knits at 16 st/4" (but you know mohair).

2 skeins of sari silk, without ballbands. Dominant colour is red. No guesses as to yardage but these are pretty big skeins -- they clock in at about 6 oz each weight-wise.
Claimed by coolgrin.

7 skeins OnLine Linie 60 Tondo in Farbe 25 Partie 0040, which is a very ladylike pale peach. 100% wool, very loosely spun bulky single, knits at 10 st/4”.

5 skeins of Galler Yarns Flore II, which is a kid mohair/wool/nylon blend, 100yds per 50g skein. Colour 107, which is a rather nice dark rich orange (burnt umber?).

1 skein of Anny Blatt Pollux, which is a novelty yarn. I hear this stuff is expensive, but it reminds me of Muppet :-) Colour 84100 Orange, but it looks more rosy/peachy/pink to me.

9 oz of blue-purple mohair, without ballbands. Feels pretty soft.
Claimed by bookslibretti.

Reynolds Allagash, 8 skeins (800g), color 639, which is an orangeypink that’s almost red but not quite. It’s a thicknthin yarn that’s like a single with a binder thread round it. Feels pretty soft, but that’s likely because the “single” is very loosely spun. 80% wool, 20% nylon (which I suspect is the binder thread). Ball band says it knits at 10 st/4”.

Berroco Air, 78% wool 22% nylon, knits at 13 st/4”.
9 skeins of color 3145, which is a variegated khaki/camel/olivegreen/burntsienna.
Claimed by veal.

I live in Chelsea really close to the C/E (and decently close to the 1) and if you want to come get stuff, it is yours. As much or as little as you want. If you want me to meet you somewhere, I could be game depending on how much of it you want me to schlep where. :-)

Come on guys! This stuff needs a new home (I need my floor back) and it's free yarn! Those may be my favourite words ever.... My fingers are crossed!
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A comprehensive list?

I was looking through the community and throught at one time there had been a comprehensive list of knit nights around the NYC area. I'm missing it, and it would be over a year old anyway. So I was thinking maybe we should make one.

If you know of a knitting group, please comment here with there information. If you could name the neighborhood as a subject, that would make it even easier for folks to use as a resource.

I'll go first....


Right now I'm at 53rd and 7th Ave. I need to get sock yarn and needles at a place open tonight.

ETA: I'm sick and I'm looking for something fairly close to work.

Any recommendations?

Astoria ACK Meeting

Hey guys!

I know some of you expressed an interest this weekend in the ACK meeting. I just wanted to remind you that it is in two evening at the Freeze Peach!

I'll be there around 7ish, so feel free to join me. The usual meeting time 8pm-11pm. The coffee/tea shop is on 29th St, almost on the corner of Ditmars Blvd. It has a red awning and there are folding chairs outside. It's off the last stop on the N/W line.

I hope to see you there!

Astoria Knitters

I just discovered that the Freeze Peach has a weekly knit night, and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet me there next week.  It's in the Ditmars area of Astoria and pretty close  to the subway.  Anyway,  here's their website--the calendar is under 'community groups' and there are also postings about the group on the forums.

I'm just happy there's a meetup right by my house that I didn't know about!

Also, Knit New York just renovated this week and a bunch of stuff is on sale.  I got some Koigu KPM for $8!