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1st-Jul-2007 11:03 am - Meeting Today! 2pm!
I'll be at the corner of Steinway and Broadway by the Rite Aid at 2. I'm be wearing capris and a purple tank top. And look a lot like my photo.

Please email if you'd like to do this another time. I'm gonna create a list and try to coordinate with everyone for a convenient time this month. Send it here: crazykimmy (at) livejournal (dot) com.

Hope I see you there!
30th-Jun-2007 06:27 pm - Astoria meetup?
Are any of the members here from the Astoria area?

I'd love to start a knit up around these parts. And I've found some interested parties around the way in newyorkers/ Drop a comment if you'd be interested as well. :-)
9th-Jun-2007 01:13 am - WWKIPD Where will you be?
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I'm part of Meetup.com and my knitting group is meeting in Sheeps Meadow in Central Park. Anyone else gonna be there?
15th-May-2007 04:41 pm(no subject)
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I haven't gotten any definite yes's for the Stitch and Bitch with a Sales Pitch, so if anyone is interested tell me now. If no one says they'll come I'm going to have to cancel, as my friend who will be demoing the Body Shop merchandise has to come from Jersey City. So please let me know if you're coming. Saturday May 19th, 4PM to 9PM, body shop demo at 6. I live just inside Queens. RSVP at knitting dot kitty at gmail dot com
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When: May 19th 4-9Pm, come and go as you please, but facials will start at 6PM
Where: My apartment, Queens NY (just inside Queens, not way out in the depths of Queens)
Why: To combine two things we all like: knitting and luscious face-friendly yummies.
What: Stitch and Bitch with a Sales Pitch is something my friend Laura and myself came up with to do two things: 1. To give her a chance to sell Body Shop merchandise in a fun and laid back environment (where no one expects her to be high-pressure) and demo the new products. 2. To give me an excuse to have a stitch and bitch at my apartment. I'm fairly new to New York (I moved here in August but didn't start working and otherwise going anywhere but my LYS in October). Since then I've not made a lot of friends because I just don't know where to look. Then I thought "I'll have a stitch and bitch" and Laura and I birthed this idea.

Once a month we'll hold these. Not only will we have them once a month, as the months go along and we start getting a good crowd, we'll start having games where you can win free samples of merchandise, and giveaways (like in June I plan to do a "buy any soap or bodywash and get a free ball of sugar n' cream to make a washcloth" deal) and etc. But we need to have an idea how many people will come, in order to plan those fun things!

Anyway enough of my babble, please come okay? Jusr reply here with your e-mail for directions, or e-mail me at knitting dot kitty at gmail dot com
26th-Apr-2007 11:25 am - Stitch and Bitch with a sales Pitch 2
Olivia A Little Pain
I'm having it again! I posted the details on the 20sknitters and punk_knitters community. To avoid too much repetitiveness for those who subscribe to all three, I won't post the whole big thing, but if you're interested here's the abridged version:

What: A stitch and bitch get together where you also get to try Body Shop products, and buy them at a discounted price through a Body Shop at Home representative. Our representative is Laura, who also crochets.

When: Saturday May 19th between 4PM and 9PM. Come any time in that time frame for as long as you want. If you want to stay late I won't kick you out. Promise.

Where: My apartment, Queens, NY. I'm off of the 7 line, and not that far inside Queens. about a 15 minute ride from Times Square.

For more information, to RSVP, and to get directions write me at knitting(dot)kitty(at)gmail(dot)com
22nd-Apr-2007 03:36 am - NEED KNIT FIX!!!!!!!!
Heya!!! Anyone in Queens along the N/W interested in a get together some evening during the week?  I'm free any day but Wednesday.
17th-Apr-2007 02:36 pm - Intro
Hihihi!  I just found your community and am happy to be here.  I'm just learning to knit at the elderly age of 37 but won't let that deter me!  I inherited a bag of yummy hand washable yarns and some needles from a friend, chose a project and promptly discovered that I didn't have the right kind of yarn.  Of course then I had to place an order with Knitpicks, getting that and some yarn for a project for someone else and discovered that I was close enough to the free shipping so I could either buy four more balls of yarn or pay for shipping.  Hard choice, huh?  Then I went to lj_coop and ordered 6 more sets of needles (1 for each of my older kids and 4 dpn's for me).  I seem to have mastered the shopping end of things, but the knitting part is a little more elusive.  I had a friend show me knit, purl, moss and rib and was able to do them reasonably well until I got home.  I can't seem to do the purl, making doing anything I'm thinking of impossible!!!  I signed up to a few knitting communities here on LJ plus a soaker email group on Yahoogroups, will hopefully be going to a knitting group that my friend started, but one can never have too many friends... right?
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Do I have any more takers for the Stitch and Bitch with a Sales Pitch on Saturday April 7th (this Saturday)? Dorrs will be open from 5PM to 9PM.

I live just inside Queens (Only about a 15 minute ride on the 7 train from Times Square) so it isn't that far.

I have two knitters coming for sure, not counting me, and a few non-knitters as well whom I may teach the ways of the knitting. So you can come, bring your friends. I have a good-sized apartment. I Can't have like 50 people but I'd really like to see more than the 6! Lets make it a party. You can bring movies, music, knitting, and pattern books if you like!

I know I sound pushy and whatnot. Sorry. Its not that I want lots of people to come buy the Body Shop stuff that's the "Sales Pitch" part. I just want to make some new friends have some fun knitting, watching movies, and getting facials.
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I'll mix it up a bit though so it isn't a crosspost and totally boring and repetitive.

A friend of mine who crochets wants me to host a Body Shop Girl's Night Out. She'll be giving facials. Why is this knitting related? I'll tell you!

I'd love to hold a stitch and bitch at my apartment. I thought holding a Girl's Night Out would be a great excuse to do that. And I'm fairly new to New York as well and I don't have many friends so its a good chance for me to meet people. Plus I have two large snap-top tupperware bins full of novelty and otherwise nice yarn to oggle, touch, and be inspired by.

Please let me know if this isn't okay to have here. I know it includes a non-knitting activity as well but I would really love to meet people so I took on this Girl's Night Out as an excuse to come out of my shy shell and whatnot. If you're interested either reply with your e-mail or e-mail me: writer@loveable.com and knitting.kitty@gmail.com

The party will be on April 7th from 5PM to 9PM, and you can come and go between those times as you please. I won't hold you hostage or anything. I live just inside Queens on the West (Manhattan) side, just a block away from a 7 train stop.
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